How to Get Started with Facebook: FB Cheat Sheets

Facebook is the most popular online social community. Millions of people are active on the site. The fact that the site has gone over many changes recently has forced many folks to learn a lot of new things about the site. Even if you have never tried Facebook before, the site is easy to get started with. These cheat sheets could help you with the process:

Facebook for Dummies
: this cheat sheet gets you familiar with the basics of Facebook. It also gives you some ideas what you could be doing online.

Facebook Sizes and Dimensions: in order to put together a quality profile and share pictures on Facebook like a pro, you need to make yourself familiar with Facebook image sizes and dimensions. This cheat sheet by DreamGrow shows you the information you need.

Facebook Etiquette: if you are just getting started on Facebook, you need to know some of the things you should or should not be doing. This cheat sheet helps with that.

Facebook Timeline Cheat Sheet: many Facebook users have already gotten used to Timeline. But if you are just getting started and need some help, this cheat sheet by Hubspot ist must-see.

At the end of the day, staying active on Facebook is must-do if you want to stay relevant. These cheat sheets help you get started with Facebook on the right track.

*don’t forget to check the Google+ cheat sheets we shared here as well.

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